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Local, Natural and Proud.

At T-N-T Market, we take pride in serving the best meats to the local community. Our animals are raised in open, stress-free pastures right here in Texas. 

Pasture Raised Beef

Pasture Raised

Our cattle are raised on native pastures throughout the year. In winter, we supplement with winter rye, bahia, and alfalfa. We have Hereford/Angus and Brangus that are all started on grass, then either finished on grass or on a cottonseed meal blend - no corn.

Support Local

Local Resources

By sourcing feed and other essentials locally, we not only support neighboring businesses but also contribute to the environmental well-being of our region. This ensures that our cattle thrive on a diet reflective of the local ecosystem, resulting in quality meats that resonate with the flavors of our community.

Quality, locally sourced meats.

Trusted Quality

When you choose our meats, you're not just indulging in a delicious meal – you're investing in the superior taste and integrity that comes from our dedication to local, sustainable, and trusted sourcing practices. Our animals are never given hormone's or additives.

Hay Barrels
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